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With the assistance of the legendary, not to mention intelligent Erica Toelle, of Fpweb.net, Seven Sigma has delivered another sold out SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Master Class, this time in beautiful Seattle.

Although this is aimed at SharePoint crowd, the common feedback theme is the request to allocate much more time on Issue Mapping. Issue Mapping is one of many tools we at Seven Sigma have gained expertise over the years and one of many tools covered within the 2-day course. And yet, attendees continue to want to spend more time on that than SharePoint-related content 🙂

This class is not to teach attendees Issue Mapping; it only provides attendees with a very basic introduction on its effectiveness in gaining shared understanding amongst participants. For those who want to learn this technique in order to use it effectively, we offer a two-day Issue Mapping Master Class.

Overall feedback for the #spiasea was fantastic, scoring a 4.6 out of 5! Timing was the common factor that brought the score down. If you don’t already know, this class was originally a 4-dayer. From the 4-dayer, certain labs were removed and the content condensed to its current form. Admittedly, it is still very intense for 2 days, however Paul, wanting to give attendees value for their money, decided to keep it intense rather than cutting back on content, knowing that you all can handle the pace 🙂

For those interested to know thoughts of those who attended the #spiasea class, read below for Twitter comments..


OMG. #spiasea was incredible! @paulculmsee is a legend. @ericatoelle is fantastic. @ruveng is awesome. Class is a winner!


Thanks @PaulCulmsee, great stuff, can’t wait to learn more & practice


thanks @paulculmsee @EricaToelle @ruveng for a great #SPIASEA. excellent course


just finished #SPIASEA awesome course! thanks @paulculmsee and @Ericatoelle

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Michal Pisarek

I think its by far the best course that I have been to on SharePoint or Project Management. To give you an example of how much of an impact it made on myself and the other guys from Habanero, the term “Shared Understanding” has already started to make an appearance in the vocabulary here. 4 copies of Dialogue Mapping have been bought with a few of the BA’s sitting in on internal meetings to practice the technique.

Bart Louwagie

From a non profit it seemed like a risky investment before I got there. I could not have been more wrong. Paul used every minute of the day to add the next great thought, tool, and idea, not holding anything back. Leaps and ounds of progress in understanding for me.

Ben McMann

The course was fantastic. Several of the concepts were confirmation of the work I have been doing over the last 5 years. My biggest takeway comes from a better understanding of the toolstack to help companies utilize SharePoint in a more effective manner, and the research behind why and when to utilize them.

The process to get groups of people to come to an agreed understanding on what they really want to accomplish – and then steer them down a road to effectively implementing solutions to accomplish that – is something I will take with me for the rest of my career.

Thank you all for the great feedback. Keep spreading the word for the next #spia.

Cheers to all

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