Mother Nature toying with Paul Culmsee, AGAIN!

It could only happen to Paul. It seems that whenever Paul gets on a plane something happens. Unless he’s travelling with his family, something always pops up to make that journey a little bit more stressful.

To put this in perspective, the incidences have not been that major except for the times when mother nature, after having a few bad days and unable to hold her fiery temper, erupted and covered the sky with ash.

The first time mother nature toyed with Paul was around the 2010 Euopean Best Practice SharePoint Conference. The Icelandic volcano eruption left a lot of people stranded and lucky for Paul, his flight had not left – he at least was stranded at home. Unable to deliver his presentation, Paul asked Andrew Woodward to take his place. Andrew, armed with Paul’s slidedeck and notes, did Paul proud.

Paul was again in the firing line from mother nature with the recent Chilean volcano eruption. This time the stress level was way high. Due to deliver the SPGov+IA master classes in Brisbane June 16-17, Auckland June 20-21, and back to Perth for our very first Issue Mapping Master Class June 23-24, when we heard that all flights in and out of Melbourne and Perth were grounded (Paul’s connecting flight was Melbourne) the day before Paul was due to fly out, the day before #SPIABNE was to start, we tried everything to make it happen. We changed flights, tried different routes, booked with different airlines, and each time our booking would be successful and we would be overcome with relieve and triumph. This feeling only lasted a short while – until the next cancellation notification came through. We were getting nowhere – nothing was flying out of Perth. #SPIABNE was rescheduled to June 29-30 and all attendees notified. The next bit of stress was trying to reach 3 attendees coming from Adelaide before they flew out – Adelaide was not affected by the ash clouds so there was no disruption to their flights! Mark, Kenneth and Scott, good thing we caught you in time!

SPIABNE went extremely well, fantastic feedback for both Paul and the course.

Brilliant. I wish I did this 6 months ago so I could use some of the tools to build project understanding + stakeholder relationships and not be facing some of the issues we’re facing now. Kristy Long, Energex

A fantastic course with a great set of tools – Don’t implement SharePoint without attending this first! Matthew Hindley, Coffey

I really enjoyed it. Refreshing insight to Governance and IA – great course! Scott Revell, Queensland Rail

Comforting to recognise that our challenges are common throughout the industry and to be armed with tools to address them. Thank you! Ricky Elias, DWS/QR National

Most amount of information that will help me master SharePoint and get my organisation to fet the most out of SharePoint. Kenneth Abraham, UNISA

The SPIA+Gov class in Auckland also went well.

Well done. Great level of info & materials. Husain Al-Badry

Terrific – great to attend something pitched at consulting not technical level. Warren Grant

Highly recommended. Andre Strik

A well thought out course with a lot of practical relevance. Mark Ashcroft

Very useful, entertaining, intense! Tom Cummins

The #IMPER Issue Mapping Class nearly did not happen. After Auckland, mother nature’s sense of humour took over again. The Chilean ash clouds circled Auckland and part of Australia again! And for the third time, Paul was affected. Flights were changed from the Perth end and then again on Paul’s end. Air New Zealand was the only one flying out of Auckland so we managed to score a ticket out. Once Paul landed in Brisbane, leaving the city became a bit of a problem. All flights from in/out of Brissy were cancelled, except for one. But this flight was understaffed (totally against regulation!). But this time, luck was on Paul’s side. This was his flight and a tired, overworked stewardess relented to do a double shift, taking Paul back to Perth in time for the #IMPER class the next day.

Feedback from the #IMPER class:

Definitely one of the best courses I have ever attended…I have already recommended to many people that they should get on the next course if possible. Jon Gorton

This course was brilliant.  The technique itself is a valuable tool for any business with multiple applications. Leisha Velterop

They say it happens in three: So, by all accounts, smooth sailing for Paul from now on, correct?


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