Water Corporation: A SharePoint Case Study with Paul and Kirsty Sinnott


  • Date: Wednesday, 12 June
  • Time: 2:45 – 3:45 pm

Kirsty Sinnott from Water Corporation joins Paul Culmsee at the Melbourne SharePoint Conference this June to share with you how Seven Sigma assisted Kirsty and her team deploy a successful SharePoint project.


If one was to start the journey of a five-year program of work, implementing SharePoint for a government agency, what chances of success would you give it under the following circumstances:
•   Conservative IT
•   Conservative PMO
•   Conservative organisational culture (risk averse)
•   No previous SharePoint experience on the part of the organisation
•   Massively time constrained first project in the program
•   Newly-formed team with no previous experience working together
•   First time agile delivery approach taken
•   Outsourced IT provider changes after 10 years during project

Contrary to what you might think, this first non-trivial project in the SharePoint program was very successful. Come and learn how the Water Corporation of Western Australia was able to create the conditions to deliver great outcomes under uncertain circumstances. From the governance approach, to information architecture, to change management, solution development and organisational readiness, there are many lessons that similar organisations can get value from.

Topics to be covered are:
•  Creating the right collaborative conditions for delivery
•  How to align diverse stakeholders
•  Choosing the right project
•  Choosing the right team
•  Developing a compelling direction which reduces risk
•  Engaging with users and stakeholders
•  Creating the right solution
•  Building capacity within and beyond the team
•  Adapting the governance approach along the journey
•  Applying lessons into the program going forward.

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