Chris Tomich talks Killing Server-side Code with XSLT and SPServices at the Melbourne SharePoint Conference

Chris will be at this year’s Australian SharePoint Conference in Melbourne, organised by ShareThePoint, this June 11 – 12. Join Chris on Day Two of the conference, Wednesday, 12th from 9:00 – 10:00am.


The common answer to most SharePoint feature deficiencies from inexperienced SharePoint software developers is “build a web part”, “create a custom control”, or “create a custom application page”. Whilst server-side coding is extremely powerful, and sometimes the only solution, often a client-side solution could suffice; meaning avoidance of the overheads commonly tackled with server-side development such as: Additional tasks for disaster recovery scenarios; The potential for seemingly minor performance issues to impact the entire system;  Difficulty in developing and maintaining.

This session will show how common business requirements can often be handled through smart use of XSLT, JavaScript/jQuery, and Marc Anderson’s SPServices library. No prior knowledge of XSLT or JavaScript is required. It may be helpful to have done some coding in the past and have seen HTML before, but is not necessary to follow the session.

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