Emergent Design Practice with Paul Culmsee and Dr Neil Preston


Solving Complex (‘Wicked’) Problems with Emergent Design Practice

In the Business Stream, Day 2 of the Australian SharePoint Conference in Melbourne this June, Paul and Dr Preston will be presenting how Seven Sigma and PsyOpus together solve complex problems with emergent design practice. We’ve used this method successfully from alignment to strategic planning. Come and listen to why our SharePoint projects are successful projects.

  • Date: Wednesday, 12 June
  • Time: 10:30 – 1130

Someone said that “modern problems are so complex that you have to know everything about them just to be undecided about them”.  SharePoint sometimes seems like a wicked problem if there ever was one. Part of the problem is that most organisations mistake the complex for the complicated. Knowing the wickedness of your problem is half the battle won. The other half is to employ emergent design practice. Emergent design practice is to create safe human and technological holding environments where people, organisations and communities can seek shared commitment through shared understanding.

In this presentation Dr Neil Preston and Paul Culmsee will demonstrate how to create safe human environments where people can speak their truth and to allow the wisdom of the crowds to solve complex problems. Emergent design is really how human beings solve complex wicked problems. Instead of stuffy linear agendas and tired old structured facilitated workshops, emergent design uses cutting-edge technological methods, like Dialogue Mapping, to capture the real non-linear and emergent way people in groups solve problems.

Learn how emergent design and Dialogue Mapping has been used to collaboratively design SharePoint governance frameworks, develop ICT strategy as well as case studies beyond IT. Hear case studies where emergent design and Dialogue Mapping has been used on problems as diverse as organisational restructures, community consultations and executive team development.

This presentation is for anyone who has experienced a wicked problem and is looking for a design process that genuinely encourages truth telling and decision influence.

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