Our SharePoint full governance life-cycle of services include:

  • Facilitation to help you envision your desired outcomes and to develop a shared understanding of those outcomes among stakeholders;
  • Advisory services to provide guidance on the deployment and management of your SharePoint deployment including identifying infrastructure and architecture requirements and information architecture requirements;
  • Custom solution development; and
  • Customised SharePoint training.

Whether you are looking to move to the SharePoint platform, already using the SharePoint platform and need guidance on how to maximise the value from your investment or requiring the development of a specific solution, Seven Sigma Business Solutions provides a range of services that can help you achieve your desired outcomes. We have been highly successful with SharePoint implementations because we “get” SharePoint governance. We understand the criticality of developing a shared understanding of the ends and means to achieve them. While many IT consultancies have highly skilled infrastructure designers and developers, the critical area lies in fostering and maintaining that shared understanding.

The word “Governance” comes from the Latin word which means “to steer”. Therefore governance is the means by which we achieve a shared end “an aspirational future state” (marked “There” on the diagram below). Without this end in mind, SharePoint projects are likely to not meet expectations of stakeholders. How can we meet expectations when the expectations of participants are not understood?


To achieve buy-in among stakeholders and users, we need a shared commitment to the solution. To achieve shared commitment to the solution, we need shared understanding of the problem. The skill-set required to achieve this does not lie in traditional IT disciplines. If it did, people would not speak of the IT and business “disconnect”.

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