SharePoint Advisory

Seven Sigma’s SharePoint advisory service is there to guide you on how to achieve your desired outcomes and help you understand the impacts of the decisions that you need to make in the process.

Our advisory service includes:

  • Exploring available solutions to give you an understanding of what can be achieved;
  • Developing the information architecture required to implement a solution;
  • Defining the infrastructure and architecture requirements to implement a solution;
  • Identifying the impacts of the solution on your existing infrastructure; and
  • Assist you with capacity planning and governance to improve the sustainability and adaptability of your solution.

SharePoint is technically complex and the products it relies on are also technically complex. Determining the most effective and sustainable way of achieving the desired outcomes for your SharePoint project requires a combination of skills and real world experiences across a range of technologies. Poor design and poor architectural decisions resulting from a lack of understanding can lead to significant costs in remediation work.

However, technical complexity is simply the most visible of four forces that “push against” convergence that comes with shared understanding and shared commitment. These other forces also need to be governed, as technical complexity governance alone is not only unlikely to succeed, but may actually contribute to project failure. The other, less tangible and visible forces to be governed are pace of change, problem wickedness and social complexity.

Governance should be viewed as counteracting the four forces of chaos that cause divergence in understanding, whilst at the same time, always striving to steer towards organisational outcomes. Therefore our SharePoint advisory practice is centred around all four forces of chaos, not just technical complexity. We look at where an organisational is on the divergence/convergence path and utilise tools and approaches that are best-fit for the circumstances. We are not disciples of a particular “best practice”, because the notion of best is culture, context and understanding dependent. In addition we believe that any insistence that any “best practice” can be *the* “best practice” is in itself a “worst practice”.

Seven Sigma takes a holistic approach to SharePoint governance. Governance is the means to an end. Without knowing the end in mind, one cannot be sure that the means being used are the right ones. Surprising as it may sound, much of the confusion of governance is the confusion and uncertainty that arises when the means are confused with the ends. The word “Governance” comes from the Latin word which means “to steer”. Therefore governance is the means by which you achieve a shared end – an aspirational future state (marked “there” on the diagram below). Without this end in mind, SharePoint projects are likely to not meet expectations of stakeholders. How can it meet expectations when those expectations are not understood by participants?


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