SharePoint Solution Development

When your requirements go beyond what can be achieved using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality, Seven Sigma Business Solutions provides full software development life cycle services ensuring delivery against your time, budget and technology requirements.

These services include requirements gathering, alignment with strategy and ROI, analysis and design, development and implementation of the solution and the ongoing maintenance of the final solution. Our aim is to provide usable and adaptable software solutions and we achieve this through the thorough understanding and use of many different disciplines. Our belief is that we are here to sell you a software solution, not a ‘religion’.

At the core of any software development project is the absolute requirement of ensuring that all stakeholders and members of the team have the same shared version of the truth and a shared commitment to the delivery of the project. We believe that clear expectations and understanding throughout the development process has a major impact on software development outcomes. We believe strongly in the IBIS facilitation methods and Agile philosophy, not because they have a particular set of steps or tools that are ‘better’, but because they are conducive to fostering and facilitating dialogue and shared understanding among participants.

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