Seven Sigma is both a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. We are also certified product specialists for other related technologies. We know that generic training programmes for SharePoint 2007 do not offer value when they are an unfocussed examination of every SharePoint feature. With no prescriptive guidance as to how to use those features, how can training attendees learn the aspects of SharePoint that has real applicability to their day-to-day work?

Seven Sigma Business Solutions conducts tailored SharePoint training and coaching workshops on-site around Australia. Each course is run for attendees from a single organisation and adjusted for the vertical market, organisational goals, user learning types, with attendance limited in order to ensure personal attention.

Seven Sigma is also the only organisation in the world that is authorised to train the Cognexus curriculum of IBIS, Issue Mapping and Dialogue Mapping. This course can be integrated into SharePoint workshops or conducted stand-alone from SharePoint.

For more information contact us or download the following links:
Issue Mapping Master Class
SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Master Class
SharePoint Governance F-Laws Workshop

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