Issue Mapping


It’s been 18 months and we haven’t come to a decision yet!

Many organisations are frozen in time. Even when decisions get made they have a way of unravelling due to lack of understanding or lack of ownership, The capacity to make good decisions is a part of “group intelligence” which is derived at through shared understanding and shared commitment.

Shared understanding is a condition that includes all participants to have the same understanding of the terms and concepts being used, have the same notion of what the problem is (or problems are), and what the goals, criteria, dependencies and constraints are; and appreciate the various solutions that have been offered and trade-offs among them.

How Issue Mapping adds value to your organisation

Seven Sigma’s‚ “Introduction to Issue Mapping” will provide participants with the basic knowledge to create group intelligence, resulting in decisions that have both shared understanding and buy-in within an organisation.

Our half-day training program allows participants to:

  • Recognise early, the symptoms of wicked problems and the forces behind group divergence
  • Recognise the importance of capturing the rationale behind decisions, as well as the decisions themselves
  • Rethink the traditional approach to meetings and decision making
  • Start capturing the rationale leading up to the decisions by using IBIS and Compendium softwareLearning method:
    Instructor Led, up to ten participantsDuration:
    2 days
  • Course Objectives

  • Explain the key characteristics of wicked problems
  • Explain the forces that magnify the negative effects of wicked problems
  • Understand the importance of shared understanding and shared commitment
  • Explain the purpose of IBIS and Issue Maps
  • Identify the components of IBIS grammar
  • Use of the Compendium software to create Issue maps
  • Download the Issue Mapping Master Class

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