Matthew Turany                                                                                                   

ICT Manager – Royal Flying Doctors Service Western Australia; 2009

I can confirm that I have dealt with and are currently dealing with Seven Sigma for our SharePoint implementation project. During the setup phase of our project we interviewed several SharePoint focused companies and found Seven Sigma to be above the rest with their overall knowledge of SharePoint and its underlying technologies. Their approach and methodology to our project has been unique and refreshing and has been enthusiastically accepted by our project team and end-users. It is evident that their ability to map the underlying processes and clearly decipher these during the project kick-off will be a key success factor to our project. Their work to date has been a major factor in empowering our users which will directly assist in our intranet project becoming successful.

I can confidently recommend Seven Sigma as a solid and reliable SharePoint supplier, and experts in their field.

  Marie Verschuer

Director – Bodhi Alliance; 2010

Seven Sigma

Opportunities and New Friends Found

Finally the tool I have been looking for- after 30 years working as a social researcher, educator and consultation advisor.

I have worked with Seven Sigma on several projects, all Wicked Problems that have ranged from shared visioning to others that are highly contested. I have been surprised how effectively the Seven Sigma process and the dialogue mapping tool has changed conflict into connect and has unlocked innovative solutions.

The process that is based on dialogue mapping and specialist facilitation captures the wisdom of the crowds to unlock and identify opportunities, share knowledge, build capacity and shared learning, utilise and build social capital. These outcomes are demonstrated through increased trust, strengthened relationships, connected networks and collaborative action.

An example where this process has been used recently was the conflicting priority of the freeway reserve through a proposed city centre. For 13 years the landuse had been debated and the recent attempts to resolve the problem had led to further entrenched opposed positions.

The first step in the process was to open up the debate and provide a safe environment where all options could be explored no matter how impractical or improbable. This opening of debate provided the opportunity for all to understand the values and goals that were underlying the positions taken. The next step was to identify the shared goals and values and to use these as assessment criteria to assess all the possible options developed. This is the important difference in the technique – the assessment criteria were not predetermined by the project initiator and used to guide development, but rather were a broader agreed set of criteria used to assess the possibilities. The next step was to synergize the top scoring possibilities into a preferred option and then use integrated assessment to look at the consequences and implications and further refine the option into an agreed plan. All this was undertaken within 3 months and the relationships built on the road to resolution are now assisting in implementation.

In short I would use dialogue mapping and the Seven Sigma process in all situations where there is complexity or where innovation or change is required. It is an inclusive process that allows people of all ages and abilities to have valued input and provides the shared understanding, goal alignment and shared learning required to meet the challenges of finding and applying solutions across the system.

Paul Noone

CEO Online Developer/Administrator

Great docs, presentation, logical source and good commenting. Given Seven Sigma’s reputation for PM methodologies and best practice I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but find myself nonetheless impressed. You’ve exceeded all expectations.”

Dan Colgan

Communications Officer

I would like to express my gratitude for the prompt and proficient way in which you conducted the work undertaken on behalf of Engenco. It was a pleasure to deal with a professional who listened, discussed then acted, with the resulting successful outcome achieved at the very low end of the time originally quoted for each of the separate scopes of work.

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