Who We Are

SEVEN SIGMA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a West Australian IT advisory firm that provides a variety of advisory services including facilitation, planning, sensemaking, governance and project management services.

One of our specialties is the craft of IBIS and Dialogue Mapping. Seven Sigma is unique across the globe because we are the only recognised Cognexus Designated partner in the world. Seven Sigma also has, on its management team, a highly recognised Certified Dialogue Mapper, Paul Culmsee. Paul is one of only three Certified Dialogue Mapper across the globe. We perform Dialogue Mapping services for a variety of public and private sector organisations, for all manner of problems and projects.

We have strong competencies in the discipline of collaboration, information and enterprise content management with particular focus on Office SharePoint Server 2007. We are extensively skilled in all aspects of SharePoint, from application development and infrastructure, through to systems and information architecture and governance.

Why are we different? We are subject matter experts in our chosen discipline, yet we are founded on the values of critical thinking and deeper understanding. Breakthrough performance is achieved through vision, strategy and dialogue. Intrinsic value is not found in applications and infrastructure. It is found in the collective intelligence of people, information and how both leverage each-other. Simplistic solutions to wicked problems do not increase intrinsic value and therefore have no place in our practice.

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