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ShareThePoint Ltd (formerly envisionIT NZ Ltd) comprises a dedicated team of people  passionate about SharePoint. Debbie Ireland and the team at ShareThePoint offer three primary services:

  1. SharePoint training: They focus on End Users, Site Administrators, Business Champions, Power Users and anyone that wants to make the most out of their SharePoint deployment.  The courses range from fundamentals to extending SharePoint capabilities using related products across many levels. There are regular scheduled courses all around New Zealand and a number of on-site options for ShareThePoint’s instructors to train in your environment.
  2. SharePoint conferences: ShareThePoint run the  premier SharePoint range of annual events in the Asia Pacific region. People  come to connect with peers, learn from world renowned experts and engage in the wider SharePoint community.  ShareThePoint’s conferences attract over 500 attendees each in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne.
  3. Asia Pacific’s largest and most vibrant SharePoint Community Portal: ShareThePoint is an exciting new community portal for the Asia Pacific region’s SharePoint community. It is where users, practitioners, experts and suppliers come together to connect, experience and learn with a common purpose to improve business productivity through SharePoint and related technologies. Built in the SharePoint 2013 Preview, www.sharethepoint.com gives members a chance to experience SharePoint themselves (free), including all of its new social features.




CogNexus Institute, headed by Dr Jeffrey Conklin, offers tools and skills for groups dealing with complex and ill-structured situations. The Institute’s mission is creating organizational coherence in the service of world peace and healing. They specialize in teaching the Dialogue Mapping and Issue Mapping techniques, facilitation and consulting using Dialogue and Issue Mapping, and research on collaborative technologies for design and deliberation on wicked problems.




Utilibiz Pty Ltd is a professional consulting service specialising in the development of infrastructure projects and utility operations and maintenance arrangements using relationship contracts. Utilibiz has specialist expertise in all forms of contract development, including relationship based contracting strategies. They have pioneered the development of Service Alliances, Project Alliances, Early Contractor Involvement, and Program Alliances.




PsyOpus Consulting Services engages the principles of psychology, in particular organisational psychology to examine, understand and utilise the human factors which can unlock the peak potential of an organisation or individual. Dr Neil Preston is the principal consultant for PsyOpus with 15 years of organisational psychology experience. This experience forms the foundation of all services provided by PsyOpus.



Located in Perth, Durrant’s Accounting Services prides itself on placing its customers’ needs above all else and commits to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of its business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Durrant’s is more than a tax return service. They can help business clients with their book keeping, finance, investment and planning every year. Durrant’s Accounting Services offers Tax advice, Business Activity Statement processing and lodging, Tax return processing and lodgement, Accounting Services, Business Advice, Corporate Structures, Superannuation Self Managed Funds, Payroll and Bookkeeping.

Durrant’s is a MYOB Preferred Partner and Quick Books Preferred Partner and can offer MYOB and Quick Books software, installation and on-site training. Reasonably priced, yet offering services tailored to your needs to ensure you get the best value and pay only for what you need. No more. Plus you have the assurance that your business will receive the correct tax planning and advice.

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