Why Seven Sigma?

The IT and business “disconnect” has been with us for many years now, yet shows no sign of improving. Vendors try to solve our complex problems with even more complex tools and we wonder why things are not getting any simpler. The business-as-usual approach to IT governance has proved itself ineffectual for the average organisation and IT is struggling to keep up with the fluid needs of business.

But our problems are also getting more complex also. Whether it is local government trying to plan for a liveable city, yet having to grapple with the planning mistakes of the past, or an organisation trying to bring its information management practices into the 21st century, we have to deal with a maze of interconnected issues and constraints where no one person can understand it all. Naive simplistic solutions simply do not work and big stick approaches are highly likely to be ineffective.

Seven Sigma understand this and have the skills and tools to help you deal with it. We understand that most projects (and all SharePoint projects), require just as much learning as they require “doing”. We therefore recognise that understanding of a problem among diverse stakeholders will change and adapt over time and as the organisation itself adjusts to the changing environment in which it operates. Learning should never be penalised, however the practices of many consultancies actually penalise people for improving their understanding of the problem.

Few IT consultancies can lay claim to facilitating the deliberations of boards of directors, local community groups, inter-discipline groups on forums as diverse as city planning, sustainability, product envisioning and community based enquiry by design. Equally few facilitators can lay claim to providing expert IT strategic advice, design, information architecture and implementation services either.

Seven Sigma can lay this claim and have the runs on the board to prove it.

If you want expert SharePoint skills, look no further. Paul is regarded world-wide as an expert in IT and SharePoint governance and Paul’s SharePoint blog is one of the most popular in the world. We speak at SharePoint conferences worldwide. We design and teach the course for the Elite training program for Microsoft New Zealand to certify its gold partners for true SharePoint competency. We are part of a global network of the very best SharePoint practitioners in the world, and we only work with the best.

We are also the only organisation in the world that is a Cognexus Designated Partner. Our skills in sense-making, via the craft of Dialogue Mapping have us very well placed to help organisations deal with their most difficult problems. We provide the “holding environment” needed for diverse groups, with often highly conflicting viewpoints, to be able to work through their problem in a radically inclusive manner. We have been called into assist with very complex and difficult problems that have reached stalemate, and in a short amount of time, able to create the “aha” moments and breakthroughs required to forge a lasting solution. We also often get involve with projects right at their inception, to ensure that the viewpoints and rationale of all participants are captured and acknowledged, enabling solutions to be developed far more quickly than would otherwise occur.

Want to know more? If you want to make a difference and add value to your organisation get in contact with Seven Sigma today.

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