Seven Sigma are proud to announce that Paul’s new book, “The Heretic’s Guide to Management” is now available for purchase. This book would not have been possible if it were not for Seven Sigma’s wonderful clients who have provided some amazing opportunities and case studies.

“Once again, the book is an excellent read. It is more engaging and fun to read than many other business books. Both the authors have a perverse sense of humour. Both are deeply skeptical of the fads of the management consulting industry and both are great storytellers. As with the first book I now have a concise repository of a number of important and useful ideas that I can refer people to.
In fact, I like this book better than the first (and I liked the first a lot.) This one is shorter, more to the point, and funnier.
When I read this book I instantly wanted to get a handful of my friends and colleagues to go buy it, and I have bought a couple of copies for people. I highly recommend you go buy it and read it also.” – Craig Brown

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