Every day, we partner with businesses and ambitious thinkers to help them clarify their goals, and de-risk the development of apps that bring real improvements quickly.

Few IT consultancies can lay claim to facilitating the deliberations of boards of directors, local community groups, inter-discipline groups on forums as diverse as city planning, sustainability, product envisioning and community based enquiry by design. Equally few facilitators and management consultancies can lay claim to developing and delivering high-value IT design, information architecture and delivery services either.

Seven Sigma can lay this claim and have the runs on the board to prove it.

If you want experts Office365 skills, look no further. We are specialists in PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint Framework, React, Azure Functions and Cognitive Services to name a few. We speak at conferences worldwide and even designed and taught the course for the Elite training program that Microsoft New Zealand ran to certify its gold partners for true SharePoint competency. We are also the only organisation in the world that is a Cognexus Designated Partner. Our skills in sense-making, via the craft of Dialogue Mapping have us very well placed to help organisations deal with their most difficult problems.

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Our Team

Paul Culmsee

Paul Culmsee (@paulculmsee), Owner & Director, is a Management Consultant, Microsoft Business Solutions MVP, sensemaker and author. He specialises in sensemaking, design thinking, strategic planning, complex decision making, digital transformation, IT governance, and all facets of Office365/SharePoint delivery. He also has various nerdy certifications so can also mix it with the tech side of things…

Paul has written two acclaimed books, with both award finalists or winners. “The Heretics Guide to Best Practices: The Reality of Managing Complex Problems in Organisations” and more recently “The Heretics Guide to Management: The Art of Harnessing Ambiguity”. His blog (www.cleverworkarounds.com) continues to be one of the more popular SharePoint/PowerApps/Flow oriented blogs out there.

Paul is one of four certified Dialogue Mappers worldwide and the only authorised trainer outside of the USA. Dialogue Mapping is a radically inclusive technique to help groups deal with wicked problems.

More recently, he has developed significant skills in Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, Cognitive Services and Azure Functions. This has culminated in running PowerApps hackathons in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Complex problem facilitation via Dialogue and Issue Mapping (org design, org strategy, project lessons learnt, etc)
  • Digital Workplace Transformation, Cloud/Hybrid strategy and implementation (AWS, Azure, Office365)
  • SharePoint governance, Information Architecture and collaborative delivery practices
  • IT Management, Architecture and Strategy. IT Governance, Project Management, Business analysis, requirements gathering,
    Knowledge management and intellectual capital strategy and Information Management/Governance
  • Organsiational Development, Strategic planning and goal alignment

Blog: www.cleverworkarounds.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/paulculmsee
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/paul-culmsee-business-strategist-sensemaker-3555853

Peter Chow

Peter, Owner & Director, is a solutions architect, developer and sensemaker.  With a background in computer science and electrical engineering, his professional career has involved working on a diverse range of systems from industrial systems that interface with SCADA’s and DCS’s to business information systems such as document management systems and intranets in enterprise environments.

Peter is also a Dialogue Mapper having trained under Jeff Conklin from the CogNexus Institute and is experienced in developing customised training workshops for Office 365 services such as SharePoint.

Peter currently specialises in delivering solutions on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud service using a Design Thinking and Agile approach.


  • Digital workplace transformation with Office 365 and Azure.
  • SharePoint Governance, information architecture and collaborative delivery practices.
  • Business analysis and requirements gathering.
  • Web application development using React, .NET, SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Microsoft Flow and Azure services.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterchowau/