Want to transform your projects, stop wasting time and make better decisions? Use Dialogue Mapping to turbocharge your team problem solving…

Change is hard. Getting people to understand each other and align on common goals is hard. High stakes decisions have to be made with scant information, brain-hurting complexity and rapidly moving goalposts. Dialogue Mapping cuts through this clutter to bring people’s views together in a fraction of the time it normally takes and Seven Sigma are world-renowned specialists in this facilitation technique.

Dialogue Mapping is a versatile design thinking and decision making tool that has been used by innovative organisations all over the world. It adds a whole new dimension to traditionally facilitated workshops such as strategic planning, solution design, goal alignment, options analysis and project lessons learnt.

Utilising a unique approach to visually representing a problem, Dialogue Mapping enables the groups to follow the discussion on a shared display and develop shared commitment to solutions that last.

Why Dialogue Mapping?

  • Promotes greater shared understanding of complex problems amongst participants and greater commitment to a course of action
  • Maps decision and detailed rationale behind decision-making; maps the thinking process of the group, exploring all ideas that underpin decisions
  • Represents and clarifies diverse points of view, conflicting interpretations and goals, inconsistent information and other forms of complexity
  • Provides an opportunity for all to be heard, contributions acknowledged. Decreases interruptions, repetition and dominance of a few, leverages ‘crowd wisdom’ by tapping into the knowledge of all participants
  • Helps participants come up with innovative ideas and avoids jumping to simplistic answers or superficial conclusions

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